2 Tips For Gambing on Fights in Las Vegas

Just a quick post today. With “The Moment” just about an hour away, I figured it’s as good a time as any to give two essential pieces of advice for people who want to wager on combat sports, either by betting in Las Vegas at the actual sportsbook, or betting on fights online.

1. Don’t Bet Against Floyd Mayweather.

2. Don’t Bet Against Jon Jones.

Pretty easy, hey?

Mayweather and Maidana Going Down at the MGM

It’s no surprise that a Mayweather fight is taking place in Las Vegas, one of the boxing meccas of the world. Once again the MGM Grand will be shook as Mayweather and Maidana enter the ring. Fans who were following the weight-ins might be aware of “Glovegate”, basically Maidana’s gloves were the type that’s filled with horsehair but The Money Team had a problem with the way it was distributed in the glove. It was a custom version of the Everlast MX, FYI. Anyways, a small blip on what’s going to be a huge fight.

Does Maidana Stand a Chance?

Floyd id the heavy favorite, but anyone can get caught. Maidana is coming off of a huge upset where he defeated Adrian Broner, but Floyd is a whole different beast. Maidana wouldn’t be in there if he didn’t have a chance, but there’s a reason the big money is on Floyd.

What’s Next for Mayweather?

In combat sports, or anything for that matter, you never want to look past an opponent. If Mayweather defeats Maidana, what’s next for Floyd? There’s some talk of a fight with Keith Thurman, but each bout that passes without that Pacquiao fight going down further cements the discontent and disappointment of boxing fans. Now, if Maidana pulls it off, he can expect to be a VERY rich man because that will be one of the biggest rematches ever.

How One Whale Walked Away With 15 Million

There’s a new documentary on Netflix called “The Player”, it’s about a blackjack player (and professional gambler) named Don Johnson. No, it’s not that Don Johnson, it’s a different guy. Anyways, in this show, Mr Johnson talks about how he was able to beat the house and walk away with $15,000,000.00.

“To know Las Vegas, you have to start at the beginning.” – Don Johnson

The last time Don Johnson was sitting at a table owned by Ceasar’s, he won about $4,000,000.00. Are you surprised to learn that he isn’t welcome there anymore? None the less, when you’re a big whale like Don, you have plenty of properties vying for your patronage. Transportation, alcohol, nice rooms, that’s just a small example of what the casinos will put up to get whales at their tables. So, how does he do it?

“Monkeys can count cards. Card counting alone is not going to get you all the way there. I know that I had a better chance of winning than I did of losing a bet, so I took advantage of it.” – Don Johnson

Knowing the game, the players, and the odds…

It’s all math in Vegas, when you break it all down. If you’re able to resist all the perks and comps like Don was, you may be able to negotiate something that’s priceless. When the casinos were in trouble during the recession, Don Johnson recognized that casino profits were in a freefall and casinos would do just about anything in order to get whales through the doors. Don negotiated a discount on his losses of 20%, meaning that if he were to loss a million dollars, he would only be out $800,000. That 20% discount is greater than the house edge on a lot of games, and Don Johnson was able to strike when the iron was hot to take advantage of this inefficiency coupled with the recession and desperation from the casinos.

By avoiding the excess, and temptations of Vegas, Don Johnson is able to spend his time researching, running numbers, and trying to find “inefficiencies in the market”, comparing his work to that of a hedge fund manager on Wall Street.

So, what does it take to beat the house?

  • Capitalizing on the right moment.
  • Negotiating a discount on your losses.
  • Free bets upon entry help, too.
  • Distracting the dealers.
  • Negotiating special rules on the games.



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